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Terakei UA Observer (3 years 29 days ago)

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german pisser is a stupid&Looser PK Voted for I HATE I HATE (3 years 1 month ago)

So you are agree with Me and praising Me, but i know you have two faces, Your this trick failed too, try another lol

paki-pisser is an idiot&looooser DE Voted for I LOVE I LOVE (3 years 1 month ago)

what a clear mind. outstanding!

The Real Truth PK Observer (3 years 1 month ago)

ADMIN M*THER F*CKER IS TRICKSTER, he is making votes on his own, i mean he edits the votes and give all to israel,,,, F*CK YOU ADMIN OF THIS SITE ,,, i didn't use vote but from now i hope no one will,,,, SHUT* THE F*CK YOUR PROPAGANDA ADMIN,,,

PAKISTAN_TIGER PK Observer (3 years 3 months ago)

How will u understand? R u Mental or Do this because of your Dirty Mind. Muslims are not criminals. A terrorist has no religion. Terrorist is just terrorist. It Maybe Jew , Christian or Muslim. Lol but it will go to hell.

Observer NZ Observer (3 years 9 months ago)

This don't allow me to express my opinion through voting. I do love Israel, the chosen nation of my Almighty Living God. But I don't hate Palestine/ Muslims, although I don't agree with their beliefs + religion of murder.

someone LY Observer (3 years 10 months ago)

ii love palastine forever i hate israel forever

mansor_son MY Observer (4 years 23 days ago)

I from Malaysia I voted Palestine and forever . I love Palestine ♡

xiou weiy MY Observer (4 years 23 days ago)

i love Palestin

Alex IL Observer (4 years 2 months ago)

Can't truely understand what does that even related to anything :D Israeli made a huge impact on the technology developed in the world. in the other hand I don't see how palastine helpt at anyway to the world. besides that , why make posts like this ? it's completly to support only one side.. but it's a good refresher after leaving many youtube videos and seeing free palastine.

RussiansEW AE Observer (4 years 2 months ago)

Every Russian who thinks Muslims are cowards can go dip their shameless head in a pool full of pig blood because they need to know what they are actually saying. GET OUT AND DIE RUSSIANS

IsraelCanGoToHell AE Observer (4 years 2 months ago)

Israel needs to get some sense and humor because they are going outta limits, I just wish the whole Israel gets destroyed like Hitler killed many Jews before. I LOVE HITLER FOR KILLING THE JEWS. THANK YOU HITLER :)

cheap online cigarettes free shipping UA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

Hello! Thank you very much for that enlightening article

Jerusalem MY Voted for I LOVE I LOVE (4 years 9 months ago)

We love Israel. Full support to Israel until the end of times. The Bible prophesy that Israel will be founded, thousand years later ... THE REBIRTH OF ISRAEL. No matter what G-d will bless Israel and protect israel and there is nothing you can do about it.

abas US Voted for I HATE I HATE (4 years 10 months ago)

down with israel

Ann UA Observer (4 years 11 months ago)

all that is lost on the 'net.Which raises the obvious question of why I'm bothering to comment. But like I said earlier, I like irony! :-)

To: (RUSSIAN ANTI - MUSLIM) SA Observer (4 years 11 months ago)

I'm suprise that you're very excited for the Zionists, and fanatic supporter!. Do you know that Isreal supports the terrorists in Chechens to destroy the Russian army? (I'm Anti-Terrorism and radical Muslims) ..... Do you know that the Zionists in the U.S government sent the American army to the countries near Russia, and the U.S army almost surrounded Russia for the strategic goals, and for the future to fight Russia?... True that the Russian people are stupid except the Russian government.. Long live Mr. President Vladimir Putin!!!

Arab Nationalist SA Observer (4 years 11 months ago)

I hate the Zionists only, not the real Jews who tell the truth that so called "Isreal" is a fake, and occupation project.

Mary UA Observer (5 years 3 days ago)

I can see the logic in your argument but I think you've painted your strokes

vipescorts-girls.com UA Observer (5 years 24 days ago)

It is the second entry I read tonight. And I am on my third. Got to think which one is next. Thank you.

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By: nir-lutati, May 23, 2009


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